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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the POS System come pre-programmed and ready to go?
A: Yes. This is a turn-key solution. The system comes programmed with your menu items, your specials, your table layouts, and your employees. We install the system and teach you and your employees how to use it. It's that easy!

Q: Does the POS System come with a warranty?
A: Yes. A service contract is required with every POS system. If you ever have a problem we will repair or replace any part of it free of charge.

Q: What if I have a problem or question?
A: We have 24/7 support located in the USA. You can call any time, day or night and get the help you need. We even offer remote access at no additional charge. This allows us to take control of your system remotely and make any changes or fix any problem for you.

Q: Will it track my employees?
A: Yes. All your employees will log into and out of the system to keep track of their hours, their sales, and their tips. All employee hours and sales data can be viewed, printed or exported in various digital formats.

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